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Write your way home to yourself

Discover the lifetime habit of journaling to promote and enhance your wellbeing, strengthen your relationship with your intuition and develop your creativity through journaling for 15 minutes a day.

Follow the prompts on this FREE guide, a different one for each of the next 28 days, and notice the changes to your intuition, emotional regulation, and creativity.

Journaling helps you harness your emotions, whether you are trying to connect with your inner guidance, find clarity, or practice gratitude.

When you do this regularly, you’re better equipped to build a connection with your intuitive voice and be more present in your life.

Hello, I'm Steph,

My work is about reconnecting women to a simplified life, to create more space and time so they can connect to their intuition and creativity.

I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting them to find clarity and fulfilment in the major areas of their lives of creativity, self expression, purpose and meaning. Journaling is an integral part of that and a wonderful place to start.

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Write your way home to yourself

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