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Cyclical Living

Step out of striving and reconnect to your forgotten wisdom

Nest is a nourishing sanctuary for creative entrepreneurial women, providing empowerment and support to awaken flow, trust and expansion in their creative lives that feels sustainable, nourishing and entirely freeing.

Where creativity and cyclicity meet

Honouring rhythms within and around us is something humans have done for centuries, but the noise of our modern world tends to distract us from these flows of creativity.

Through the lunar cycle and the seasons you will learn how to manage your energy, and explore how to live, work and relate to the world rythmically – redressing your relationship with rest, balancing your nervous system and reigniting your creativity.

Find Your Way home

I warmly invite you to the NEST community where you will receive sisterhood, support and community to live in a seasonal rhythm that supports your growth and creativity.

Every month you will receive invitations to LIVE yoga nidra new and full moon circles, community co-creation calls conversations and workshops with inspiring teachers.

You will also have access to a growing library of resources including yoga nidra meditations, short self study courses and the winter book club to inspire soulful conversations with themes on cyclical living, rest, growth and creativity.

The Nest has quarterly in person retreat days around the solstice and equinox for soulful conversation, meditation and journaling to help you stay on your path of growth and creativity.

Rest, Dream, Create

  • Wake up to your creativity and quiet intuition and remember your confidence and unique power through cycle awareness.

  • Live by the seasons and moon cycles and explore your intuition so that you can move through life with a sense of meaning, purpose and freedom.
  • Live a heart-centred life doing things you love most, creating space and time for yourself, whilst making an impact on the lives of people around you.
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm and reclaim your forgotten wisdom hidden under the surface of your everyday life.

  • Feel empowered to move through life in a cyclical rhythm and live a life in line with your values that are uniquely your own. 
  • Experience a sustainable approach to living and working with embodied self-care practices of rest, retreat, and self-reflection.

Steph on Maria B widebeam boat

Hello I'm Stephanie,

Steph on Maria B widebeam boat

I warmly welcome you to Nest. I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their intuition and creativity.

As an intuitive coach, I assist women in developing a compassionate voice so they can live a life with freedom, ease, and a lot less stress. 

It is my aim to take you from disconnected and burnt out to energised, lighter, and connected to your own intuitive wisdom and purpose.

Nest Includes...



Twice a month we are guided by the lunar energy and we gather under the light of each new and full moon with a live yoga nidra circle. These provide an anchor for intentional living and cultivate courage to step into your purpose.



Quarterly in-person retreat days around the equinox and solstice for soulful conversation, meditation and journaling to help you stay on your path. These meet-ups take place in beautiful locations around Suffolk or Norfolk, and Stephanie’s Widebeam canal boat, Maria. B.


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A monthly co-creation session to birth your creative project or business and receive support to stay on your path of balance and freedom. These sessions provide a fertile listening environment to encourage your growth and purpose.


A monthly journaling practice session with Stephanie. A special kind of magic happens when women write together. When we commit ourselves to show up for the experience of writing in a shared space, our internal editor quiets and we have the breathing room we need to empty our words onto the writing page.


Life balance coaching suffolk

You will be invited to join bi – monthly live workshops with Stephanie or an inspiring teacher with themes on cyclical wisdom, dream journaling, yoga nidra, fertile listening, growth, and creativity. Sessions are recorded if you can’t make them.



A six week winter book club where you are invited to sit around the online campfire and sit in circle with a sisterhood of women. With themes on cyclical living, rest, growth and creativity, receive support and encouragement in the winter months.



Access to short soulful journal courses on yoga nidra, sacred rest, finding your north star, befriending the night, and reflective writing to help you create tiny rituals to bring into your daily life for rest, intuition, and creativity.



20% discount off all in-person classes and workshops, and 10% off residential retreats.

These events are a transformational gift to yourself in beautiful locations around Suffolk and Norfolk and held within a supportive group.



You will have access to a growing library of resources of yoga nidras for sleep, rest, creativity, and intuitive guidance. These recordings are to help deepen your connection to your practice and intuitive wisdom.

Sisterhood, Support & Growth

Within Nest you’ll discover an inspiring community to support your path, and develop a framework for your journey toward living in tune with your cyclical rhythm for emotional freedom, creativity, and growth.


Monthly Subscription

£39 monthly

Pay month by month. You can unsubscribe anytime.

Annual Subscription

£390 annually

(receive 2 months membership free)

join for a season


(pay a one off amount and join for three months)

You can cancel your subscription anytime.


Nest is wonderfully supportive. It provides me with a framework for cyclical living, a regular opportunity to connect with both myself and other women, with the benefit of listening to some other amazing women sharing their knowledge.


Steph is an incredible teacher. She has opened up my eyes and helped me to stay on the path – fuller and richer – in every sense than I ever thought possible. Steph will be with you every step of the way. Take a step to freedom and growth if you can.


My favourite bit about working Steph is her genuine warmth and gentle humour – she helps me to reconnect with the lighter, joyful part of myself. It’s a pleasure to spend time in sessions with Steph and I come away feeling safer, more grounded and much lighter!


My favourite thing about Nest are the Yoga Nidra sessions on the New and Full moon, giving me the opportunity to take time to reflect on how I am feeling and what direction I would like my life to take in the coming weeks.


Stephanie is authentic and caring and an incredibly powerful listener, she will help you to realise your own insights and celebrates with you when things go well, and is completely non-judgemental.


The online groups are small and Stephanie is intuitive perceptive and kind, immediately creating a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere, where I felt safe to share and listen to the others within the group.


As you grow so does our planet

Being part of Nest supports TREE SISTERS a U.K. charity, dedicated to empowering women and restoring our planet’s life-giving rainforests. Every month your subscription will help to plant 2 trees in the rainforest.

Your questions & answers

What will I need?

Access to a computer and the internet, a notebook you wish to use as your journal, plus a pen you love to write with.

When are the live sessions?

We meet twice monthly on Tuesday evenings for the moon circle meditations and twice monthly on Monday evenings for the Co-creation journal practice sessions. All live sessions are either 7:30pm or 8pm GMT.

How do I access the Nest?

The membership, resources and meditations on the Mighty Networks private platform that you can log into and access anytime you like. You can also access the community via the mobile app.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?

The live calls will be recorded and you can access them in the Nest resources library.

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Restoring Our Planet

Featherlight Living is proud to be embedding restoration into the business by planting 50-80 trees with profits from every workshop and retreat.


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