Listen to the whispers of the earth - Autumn Stillness Retreat - 29th September - 1st October

RETREATS 2023/2024

Allow me to inspire you to dive into a deeper space of inquiry and growth

​Are you are looking to have a complete overhaul on your outlook, your relationship with yourself and your direction in life? These retreats are a transformational gift to yourself where you are free to focus on physical and emotional needs…in a beautiful location held within a supportive community of women.

I hold seasonal immersive retreats in beautiful locations around Suffolk and Norfolk so you can connect to a pace and rhythm of life that brings you back into your flow. Feel lighter, energise your body and mind, and move forwards with ease ….reconnect to yourself, your purpose and your creativity.

I warmly invite you to join me to make the space and time to draw on your values to create the life you would love, nourish yourself, reclaim your integrity, and connect to your creativity and intuitive wisdom.

Well Women Spring Retreat

10th - 12th of May 2024

A glamping Spring retreat in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk

Well Women Spring Retreat

A restful luxurious glamping retreat rediscovering your creativity and balance through womb yoga and yoga nidra where you can empower yourself to reignite your spark.

Held in the luxurious glamping site at Applemount Retreat we will create a sacred space to connect to ourselves, others, and our world in a heartfelt, authentic, and intentional way. Free to focus on physical and emotional needs..step back into your flow.

Feel lighter, energise your body and mind, and move forwards with ease and grace….reconnect to your JOY.

Starlit Yoga Nidra Retreat

26th - 29th of July 2024
Lings Meadow Suffolk

Glamping and camping with yoga nidra around a campfire

Starlit Yoga Nidra Retreat

Join me and my fellow Yogis to experience Yoga Nidra under the stars where I invite you to embrace the night, so you can welcome the mystery of your dreams wisdom.

This special annual retreat, now in it’s 7th year, offers the space and time to reconnect to yourself and find community with a group of like-minded women.

Autumn Stillness Retreat

29th September - 1st of October 2023

An autumn yoga Nidra retreat in West Lexham, Norfolk


I warmly invite you to join me for this all-inclusive seasonal reflective yoga nidra retreat in the beautiful grounds of West Lexham Manor where we will be sharing connection, community, and the opportunity to rest and reconnect to your intuitive voice.

Listen to the whispers of the earth and dive into your soul…..reflect on letting go of what isn’t working and having the courage to make space for what really matters as we move through autumn over two days through yoga nidra and exploring nature with a group of like minded women​.


Stephanie is an incredible teacher and visionary.

She creates nurturing spaces to allow women to recharge and rebalance in safety and within the wonderful backdrop of Lings Meadow. This was my second camp with her and it’s now part of my annual calendar and gift to myself!

I come home so rested and a better person, having sung, danced, chanted, cried, shared parts of my story, learned parts of other’s stories, and felt so supported and cared for.

I went on my own the first year, feeling very apprehensive but wanting to try something that was completely new for me. One of the best decision I have made!


Incredibly healing & replenishing

As a mum of 3 young children, I initially had reservations about booking time away from my family for 3 nights, but now having experienced the blissful retreat two years running, I have found the space, solace, stillness and silence incredibly healing & replenishing….beneficial not only for me but also for my family on my return as the impact of this experience ripples outwards.

The restful Nidras, chanting, silent meditation walks, community, creativity, therapies, alongside the space to simply be has been absolute food for the soul.

Stephanie has created such a beautiful, welcoming space on this retreat and I cannot wait to join again next year for my peaceful slice of a beautiful Suffolk meadow


You're in for a treat .. and food wise just wow

The retreats offered by Featherlight Living take you away from the craziness of life and completely envelop you in peace, tranquility and self-care.

If you haven’t experienced Yoga Nidra before, don’t worry as you don’t need any previous experience. You’re in for a treat as the practice is incredibly peaceful and relaxing, often taking place under the stars.

The community feel that Steph and her team encourage during the retreat is an integral part of camp, however, there are also lots of opportunities for down/alone time and you can dip in and out as much or as little as you wish.

Food wise.. just wow! Everything is plant-based and as a non-vegan I was blown away with the menus.


Steph Satriawan

My work is about reconnecting women to their vulnerability and strengths, truth and power, past and present, desire and integrity, nature and body.

I show women how to live in harmony with their natural rhythms, supporting women to find their voice, and connect them to their intuition and creativity. I see myself as a lighthouse, shining a light so women can navigate their way back home to themselves.

It is my aim to take you from disconnected and burnt out to energised, lighter, and connected to your own intuitive wisdom and purpose.

Letters To Your Inbox

Restoring Our Planet

Featherlight Living is proud to be embedding restoration into the business by planting 50 – 80 trees with profits from every workshop and retreat.


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